At Carolinesweb

 We offer Support through many avenues depending on our client’s needs so at Carolinesweb we offer:-


Email Support for any changes needed on the website. 

At Carolinesweb we have the policy of implementing these within 24hrs.


We strive to answer emails within 2hrs and changes within 4hrs. 

However, this does depend on the size of changes of course.

For small changes, we can usually do this within an hour for large changes however this might take 24hrs.


Phone calls  At carolinesweb we are available from 2 am to 7 pm every day to fit in with time zones around the world. 

You will always receive a live response.

Automated or shipped out of country call centres annoy us so we will not inflict that on our clients.


 Live chat We are always available for support on the carolinesweb itself.

This service is open to both clients and visitors alike.

As we feel this service to provide Tech Assistance but also customer care when needed.

Live Chat

We will take the Stress away with our  Support  Project Management Service.

We can organising everything from banners placement to printing menu’s or flyers.

Project Management At carolinesweb we understand how busy our clients can be, so we offer to centralise support service.

Organising everything from banners placement to printing menu’s or flyers.

Allowing us to free up our clients so they can concentrate on what they do best running their business.


Merchant Services we have teamed up with payment sense to offer you a one-stop shop for all your website and payment card needs.

At Carolinesweb we can arrange this service and integrated into your website.


These are just a small example of the many things we have included in our monthly plan. 

We are proud to offer, 24/7 365 days a year support.

You will never have to wait until bank holidays etc is over again as a customer of Carolinesweb.

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