We Specialise in offering individual and Tailored E-Commerce websites


putting your needs at the forefront of any site build.

For many businesses, a Tailored E-Commerce website system is an important extension of their business, especially in this ever increasingly popular world of online shopping.

Apart from capturing new clients and untapped sources of revenue,

a Tailored E-Commerce solution allows your clients to browse your catalogue of products or services online and purchase in a convenient way.

We offer a tailored service to your specific needs for your business.

Tailored service to your needs

Sell your products online

Carolinesweb can integrate E-commerce functionality into any new or existing website.

Our E-Commerce systems are both powerful and very easy to use with some simple training.

Once you have an E-Commerce system in place, it is a simple matter of updating the website with your latest products, services and providing descriptions with high-quality images.

Tailored service to your needs

How We Can Support You Further

We at Carolinesweb want to make really easy for your customer to pay you!

We can offer regular chip & Pin machines to take your card payments, allowing your business grow we offer a

scalable payment solution, where your customers can pay you even when you are sleeping! By incorporating, a payment gateway,

within your website allowing your visitors to pay for your products or services directly online.

This payment gateway can also allow you to take payments over the phone or use any internet device to connect to your online merchant account to take payments,

without having to use a Chip & Pin terminal.

Our Advanced E-Commerce solutions offer a range of features including:



Our Advanced E-Commerce solutions

offer a range of features including:-

Discount and coupon promotions

Multiple currency


exchange rate options

Bestselling products,


and product comparisons

Featured-Image-Ecommerce-QA-Blog-post Featured-Image-Ecommerce-QA-Blog-post

delivery to support

the sale of digital goods

Electronic software

Shopping cart progression

to secure payment gateway

Customer log-in,

order tracking and history

Custom and automatic

order fulfilment emails

Product directory

and intelligent search


Payment Processing

Accepting online payments via credit cards and a payment provider is currently the most effective means of online transaction.

We recommend integration with PayPal and Paymentsense due to their excellent rates and service.


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