The Philosophy of Our Service Care

At Carolinesweb We Strive to offer a full package of services to cover all our client’s needs.

 By doing this we are able to save them both money and precious time for our already busy clients.

Our Services include

Our Services Our Services

Offering 24/7 Support to our clients

Our Services Our Services

Offering Epos Systems

Our Services Our Services

Our Maintenance Package

Our Services Our Services

Social Media Consultancy

Our Services Our Services

Taylored E-commerce Systems

Our Services Our Services

Flexible Payment Plans

Our Services Our Services

Merchant Services







please have a look at our services for a more in-depth explanation of each one of these subjects.

Supporting Small Business 

One of the ways we can offer our support was enabling both takeaways and garages to break away from the large company’s

 trying to take the profits from the takeaways for themselves.

On average every order the consumer makes at Takeaways Just Eat takes between 10% to 20%

So when asked we are happy to discuss and look at how we can support any small businesses so to that end

So we have introduced

our services

 A comprehensive 600-page website for just £45 a month

Our Takeaway offers an alternative to Hungry House and Just Eat

saving our customers thousands of pounds.


We are now in the process of designing a website for the Gas Fitting, Plumbing, Electrical services, for example, Gas Safety Checks

After being asked by the gas market and hope to have it completed by the middle of November ready for it to be live and ready for roll out.

“I have not found to date any company in Britain that offers all of our services”

 In my experience, I think that is probably the biggest difference we have to other companies,


I want to encourage my clients to ask questions,

and learn basics or above

so they become empowered with their knowledge of their website, social media etc.

I see My Company as Always being a familiar face on the end of the phone

 building a great working relationship with all our clients.

Please feel free to ask to contact Us Today Emaillive chat or phone on  084546 33 064

 “We want to encourage my clients to ask questions and feel empowered” 
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