Merchant Services

At CAROLINESWEB  we strive to offer the most comprehensive package of services for all our Customers so to that end we have teamed up with  Payment Sense to Offer Small Business the opportunity to take advantage of Payment Sense Merchant Services facilities starting from as little as £9.95pm month.

Saving you both Time and Money 

Our very own Jason McCreanney will visit you and process your application making sure it is the right product and price for your business.

By replacing your existing chip & pin terminal, set up a payment gateway so orders will be taken over the phone or the internet.

Jason can offer you insurance protection and effectively buy you out of your existing contract. Paymentsense will cap your new rates ensuring no hidden surprises.

 Help you with your PCI compliance, as he ensures that none of his customers are fined. If necessary he will come to you and complete the whole PCI process with you.

Now that is a service we are proud of at carolinesweb, in a financial world full of sharks it’s great to know there is someone like this on your side sticking up for small business.

Call him now for a review of your credit card machine charges on 07703 200 289 or Contact Us at Carolinesweb and we can pass your details on.

Portable card machine

Ingenico iWL252

 Our portable card terminals are the perfect choice for payment and suitable for bars, restaurants and pubs.

   BLUETOOTH  100M RANGE  Cashback

Countertop card machine

Ingenico iCT250

Fast, Reliable and easy to use. Our countertop terminals ensure you receive payment and suitable for retail shops, restaurants and hospitality.


Mobile card machine

Ingenico iWL251

The mobile terminals ensure you receive payments immediately. You can connect these to any mobile phone network.

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